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Niels Grewe

☐software developer, ☐philosopher, ☐classicist, ☒all of the above.

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About me

I’m a software developer living at the lovely Baltic coast of Germany. In other aspects of my life, I’m also a classicist (so greek letters don’t scare me even if they don’t denote variables…) and a philosopher (which gives me license to get excited about any topic, no matter how obscure).

In the software theatre, my main areas of interest currently include distributed systems, language interoperability, as well as deployment and automation. I enjoy working with a variety of different languages and technologies, but I’m particularly fond of Objective-C – down to the nitty-gritty runtime details.

Philosophical interests

  • Plato and Aristotle, as well as their ancient and medieval commentators.
  • Metaphysics and (Formal) Ontology
  • Logic (especially paraconsistent logic and proof theory)

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